We meet on Saturday Mornings

Laughter Club
The Bendigo Laughter Club meets every Saturday from 8.30-9am. Cost is FREE!!.
Venue: Laughter Club
Address: Ewing Park Playground Bendigo (across from the 24hour milkbar in Williamson St)
Date: Every Saturday
Time: 8:30-9:00am
Phone: Christine Curnow 5442 3934

The benefits of joining a laughter club

Laughter clubs are free and open to everyone.

What happens at a laughter club?

The idea of laughter clubs is to gain the benefits of laughter by laughing for no reason. This is important - it's not necessary to tell jokes, or to be in a good mood or to be a humorous person or to feel like laughing. At a laughter club we practice laughing until it becomes more natural. We fake it until we make it.

Since it began in India in 1995 the laughter yoga movement (we call them laughter clubs or laughter yoga - it's the same thing) has spread to more than 3,000 clubs worldwide.

In Australia alone there are 5,000 practitioners of laughter yoga. It was a major event during the 2004 Melbourne International festival.

Hearty, roaring, silent and humming laughter, giggling, chuckling and smiling – who would say no to more laughter in their lives? The health benefits are undisputed and universal. A customised laughter session is the best way to enjoy “the medicine of laughter”.

The Bendigo Laughers

The Bendigo Laughers
HO HO hahaha

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bendigo Laughter Club Leader Christine Curnow

Bendigo Laughter Club Leader Christine Curnow’s first taste of laughter yoga…She loved it so much now she is running the showJ

My first contact with a laughter session was when I had to go to a workshop for Activity workers, at the All Seasons over 10 years ago. The leader, Debbie, was able to encourage over 200 lifestyle workers to act out, being like a monkey whilst laughing. There were many other action laughs, and this was my introduction. I loved the feeling of being able to laugh at myself, whilst laughing at the actions that others were doing. This idea of joining Bendigo Laughter Club was explained so well that I talked my husband Ken, into coming with me to Ewing Park, on the corner of Williamson Street and Brougham Street, on a Saturday morning, at 8.30am - 9.00am. So we both started
attending the Bendigo Laughter Club and continue to enjoy the healthy benefits. The friendships formed are a by-product, of the half hour of movement and laughter. In researching  the many benefits, truly Laughter is the best medicine. So i encourage everyone to come and try and see why I am glad to be a part of the Bendigo Laughter Club. Ho Ho Ha Ha. Christine Curnow.

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