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Laughter Club
The Bendigo Laughter Club meets every Saturday from 8.30-9am. Cost is FREE!!.
Venue: Laughter Club
Address: Ewing Park Playground Bendigo (across from the 24hour milkbar in Williamson St)
Date: Every Saturday
Time: 8:30-9:00am
Phone: Christine Curnow 5442 3934

The benefits of joining a laughter club

Laughter clubs are free and open to everyone.

What happens at a laughter club?

The idea of laughter clubs is to gain the benefits of laughter by laughing for no reason. This is important - it's not necessary to tell jokes, or to be in a good mood or to be a humorous person or to feel like laughing. At a laughter club we practice laughing until it becomes more natural. We fake it until we make it.

Since it began in India in 1995 the laughter yoga movement (we call them laughter clubs or laughter yoga - it's the same thing) has spread to more than 3,000 clubs worldwide.

In Australia alone there are 5,000 practitioners of laughter yoga. It was a major event during the 2004 Melbourne International festival.

Hearty, roaring, silent and humming laughter, giggling, chuckling and smiling – who would say no to more laughter in their lives? The health benefits are undisputed and universal. A customised laughter session is the best way to enjoy “the medicine of laughter”.

The Bendigo Laughers

The Bendigo Laughers
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

History of the Bendigo Laughter Club

Hi I'm Debbie Phillips and I am the founder of the Bendigo Laughter Club. I first started the laughter club back in December 2002 just after my third child was born. Its interesting how life turns a corner and how unplanned events can totally change your direction in life and give you experiences that you would never even dream of happening. After giving birth to a beautiful baby boy ( who by the way snuck into my womb without my permission) I developed post natal depression and as I was from a natural health background I went in search of a natural solution to support my recovery. I remember watching an Australian series on TV called secret life of us and they showed one of the characters in the show attending a laughter club on Hampton Beach. This for some strange reason triggered a desire to research and be trained on how I could start a club like that. A club where people meet and laugh out loud at nothing.
My research took me to Geelong were I first experienced what a laughter club does and yes I was confronted and challenged by laughing like a money which lead into laughing like a chicken to throwing my arms in the air expelling the loudest laugh I have ever let escape from my mouth and the only thing that got me through the session was the fact that noone knew me down there. I repeatedly told myself that its OK as I will be finished this soon and I can go back to Bendigo and stack it up as experience but one that probably is a bit out there for me. Later that day after I had finished the theory side of the workshop I noticed that my head felt clearer and my mood was lighter and I actually for the first time felt like my spark was back and that was the start of what has been an amazing 9 years of running workshops, sessions every weekend and travelling all over the state to promote the benefits of laughing out load for no reason.
I have been supported by my family, friends and made many new friends as well as meeting some of the most fantastic people through laughter club. This has truly been a crack up of a journey and one that I thank the universe for sending my way. Cheers

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